The Project

Technology Transfer

A TRADEIT Advisor will manage each Hub, liaising with regional traditional food producers to determine their technology needs and to assist them in technology acquisition and research. The TRADEIT Electronic Marketplace is a tool that helps in this process as it allows SMEs and institutions to easily profile their technological and business needs/expertise and match them to each other to create innovation opportunities.

Technologies in the areas of food safety, packaging, water, waste and energy management are being showcased at TRADEIT Technology Transfer Events starting in November 2014.

If you are Traditional Food Producing SME and interested in any of the events and supports on offer, join the TRADEIT Network and your regional TRADEIT advisor will be in touch!

Hub AdvisorTechnologiesCountryEmailPhone
Vanessa 96 182 0088
Karstin SchmidtBakery & 332 0089 178
Janos-Istvan PetrusanBakery & 332 0089 114
Chiara PocaterraTechnology 06 48939993
Andrzej 504 007 534
Helena McMahonTechnology Transfer 66 7144160
Tess LukehurstTechnology Transfer SupportUnited 7557 425799
Anna Maria SaarelaTechnology Transfer 44 785 5354
Elsa RamalhosaTechnology Transfer 273 30 3308