Hat-trick for TRADEIT Network

Not one, not two but three CommBeBiz awards will be presented to the TRADEIT project at the EBN Design for Innovation Congress in the Cultural Vila Flor, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Guimarães, Portugal next month. The multi-faceted EU funded TRADEIT Network led by the Institute of Technology Tralee has, via the piloting of 9 regional knowledge transfer Hubs, developed a number of innovation tools and models of best practice for the transfer of innovations to SMEs.

The CommBeBiz Award identifies the most innovative ideas emerging from collaborative projects in the bioeconomy sector. CommBeBiz award winners are characterised by a unique value proposition clearly differentiated from alternatives in the marketplace. Only the most ambitious innovations with potential to address major bioeconomy challenges with clear business or social innovation potential are selected. The TRADEIT project will be presented with three awards, each addressing distinct innovations emerging from the project, Taste of Science, TRADEIT Marketplace and Design4SMEs. Award winners receive a support package to the value of €5,000 towards bringing their innovation to the market including access to EBN incubation space, expert mentors and business advisors.

Taste of Science is an online open innovation food industry platform. Bringing the disruption of online publishing and social media to traditional peer review scientific output dissemination, Taste of Science is transforming how the food industry engages in innovation. Taste of Science uncover high potential business intelligence, scientific knowledge and technological developments in the industry. Curated by leading food tech experts, the application ready articles bridge the gap between research and market application.

The TRADEIT Marketplace is an online portal in which SME food producers and technology & solution providers, connect, engage and innovate. With over 1,000 live business opportunities currently operating on the site, the TRADEIT Marketplace is a hive of innovative activity. Joan Lockyer & Tess Lukehurst from Coventry University will be present to receive this coveted award.

And last but most certainly not least is ‘Design4SMEs. Design4SMEs is a framework that creates an open innovation environment in which researchers and SMEs apply sustainable design led practices to co-innovate and co-commercialise research outputs. Researchers and SMEs work in teams to explore the innovation exchange and application within firms actively seeking new ideas and solutions.  At the end of the program participants identify a commercialisation route or a new innovation action with clear commercial potential. 

According to TRADEIT Coordinator Dr. Helena McMahon “this trio of CommBeBiz awards is a huge achievement and honor for the TRADEIT project. These awards are testament to novel thinking and significant efforts invested by the teams over the past 3 years. These innovations are providing solutions for the flow of bioeconomy knowledge and innovations between researchers and SMEs towards to goal of integrating the Bioeconomy with to the Food Sector and commercializing research outputs. The CommBeBiz support packages will contribute significantly to the sustainability and development of these innovations beyond the duration for the TRADEIT project.”

Breda O’Dwyer who leads on the ‘Design4SMEs’ programme has said that “receiving this award will help strengthen the links between leading researchers and the growth needs of the SME sector, proving a win- win for both groups. Scaling opportunities for many SMEs can be hindered or delayed by time and resource pressures.  Leading researchers quiet often lack the channel to commercialise their research. Design4SMEs offers both a real time solution. Through the support of the EBN network from the CommBeBiz award the innovative value and contribution of this solution has unlimited opportunities.”

To find out more about Taste of Science, TARDEIT Marketplace or Design4SMEs go to, email or tweet @TRADEITFoodNet.