Knowledge Reinforces Food Entrepreneurs in a Competitive World

In today’s Europe small and medium-sized food enterprises (SMEs) need to keep reinventing themselves if they want to remain profitable. The free online magazine Taste of Science helps these food producers, by keeping them posted on new trends, scientific knowledge and technological developments. This way entrepreneurs can get new ideas on innovation & growth opportunities.


“Food production is challenged with globalisation, resource scarcity and changing demands. On top of tasty and safe foods, consumers want food to tell a story, have natural ingredients and be prepared in a transparent and sustainable way. The free online magazine Taste of Science presents solutions that inspire and enable food producers like bakeries, cheese- and sausage-makers to meet these demands” Editor in Chief, Jeroen Knol.


Whilst the food sector is the largest manufacturing sector and employer in Europe, it is also highly fragmented. More than 70% of the 400.000+ food producing SMEs in the EU have less than ten employees, and yet these SMEs are responsible for 49.6% of the total turnover and for 63.3% of employment in the food and drink industry.


Competitive Food Market

Food producing businesses have to survive in an increasingly competitive food market. Taste of Science can help by keeping them posted on developments in food technology, health, food safety, traceability, sustainability and marketing. Also changes in EU legislation, subsidy and regional protection for food products are topics the magazine addresses. The easy-to-read articles provide insights, inspire and facilitate decision-making and innovation.


Business Development

Food producing entrepreneurs will also find inspiration by reading interviews with others who have found ways to improve their business, or who have jumped into a gap in the market. In addition to the website and newsletters, Taste of Science collaborates in hands-on food production workshops across Europe. These events bring food entrepreneurs, technologists, chefs, farmers and consumers together, to network, collaborate and share best practices.


TRADEIT Network Coordinator, Dr. Helena McMahon from the Institute of Technology Tralee says, “Taste of Science aims to connect, inform, inspire and support SME food producers by providing technological and business intelligence that is application ready. Food Entrepreneurs receive a high return on time invested in Taste of Science in terms of quality of actionable knowledge accessed. Taste of Science events capitalise on the power of people and collaboration, bringing together SME food producers and experts from across borders to share skills, technologies, insights and most of all to create new partnerships and business opportunities.”

Readers can subscribe to a quarterly newsletter to receive the latest issue by going to Taste of Science is an initiative of the European funded TRADEIT Network which is led by the Institute of Technology Tralee in association with EEFoST, the European Federation of Food Science & Technology. For more information email or Tweet us @TasteOfScience