The TRADEIT Marketplace Engages More Than 1,000 SME Food Producers

Food producing businesses have to survive in an increasingly competitive food market. An online collaboration platform the TRADEIT Marketplace aims to assist food producers to gain a competitive edge by providing access to innovation & solution providers around the world.


Created by the TRADEIT Food Producer Support Network, the TRADEIT Marketplace facilitates collaboration and communication between food businesses and solution providers. This has created a dynamic hub for innovative food entrepreneurs, with over 1,000 members from 20 countries generating up to 500 live business opportunities per week, from technology solutions to supply chain partners providing access to new markets and new customers.


The TRADEIT Marketplace has already facilitated real progress and innovation. Success stories include traditional bakeries in Portugal & Germany sourcing equipment and linking with researchers to develop new food products, Irish meat producers sourcing best practice from Spain on several technologies for raw-cured meat processing and Shepherds in Poland making huge advances implementing new generation technology components in the production of Oscypek cheese, traditionally manufactured in huts in the Polish Tatra Mountains.


One of the key benefits to using the TRADEIT Marketplace is that it is available online 24/7 meaning that food producers with limited time can access their account, upload requests and respond the messages in their own time. The platforms broad range of members means that SMEs and solution providers gain access to a huge variety of opportunities at the click of a mouse.


TRADEIT Network Coordinator, Dr. Helena McMahon has noted that “the TRADEIT Marketplace has created an online food business innovation community which provides access to technologies, processes, solutions, partnerships and new markets across Europe. The geographical spread of the firms is a huge benefit as it removes the inhibitor of competition to create an open Marketplace enabling businesses to grow.”


Whilst the food sector is the largest manufacturing sector and employer in Europe, it is also highly fragmented. More than 70% of the 400.000+ food producing SMEs in the EU have less than ten employees, and yet these SMEs are responsible for 49.6% of the total turnover and for 63.3% of employment in the food and drink industry. And yet the supports in place for food businesses focus on the bigger fish, meaning SME producers are often left out in the cold when it comes to the latest advancments in science & technology. The TRADEIT Marketplace is a free service designed to link these SMEs with solutions that can be of real benefit to their business.


So if you are an SME food producer, or a solution provider working in the food sector and want to grow your network then go to and sign up now. The TRADEIT Marketplace is an initiative of the European funded TRADEIT Network which is led by the Institute of Technology Tralee alongside 9 European Hubs. For more information email or Tweet us @TRADEITFoodNet