The Project

Online Courses for Traditional Food Producers
Food Safety and Quality

An introduction to key food safety and quality management factors important for food business operators involved in small-scale traditional food manufacture.

Competitiveness, Cost Models and Pricing Strategies

An introduction to competitiveness  and business planning for traditional food producers.

Food Labelling

Essential information for food business operators on food labelling, shelf-life and quality schemes such as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG). 

Supply Chain Management and Distribution Networks

An introduction to supply chain  management, basic principles of stock management and distribution, and the role of ICT in traditional supply chains.

Environmental Management

An insight into the key environmental and economic sustainability factors in small-scale traditional food manufacture.

Consumer-led Product Development Strategies

An overview of product development phases and an introduction to key consumer-led product development practices.

Plant Design and Good Manufacturing Practices

An introduction to the design of food premises and how this influences hygiene in a food plant.

Smart Use of IT in Traditional Food Systems

Insights into how IT can be used effectively for improved business management, customer relations and marketing.

Introduction to Intellectual Property 

An introduction to intellectual property and related international standards, processes and protocols.