What can the EU do to support Small Food Businesses? 

This open consultation gives you the opportunity to set the priorities for future research and innovation supporting traditional food businesses in the EU. To have your say, follow these simple steps:

            To participate please download the SRIA by entering your contact details in the form below and send your feedback to to SRIA@tradeitnetwork.eu. By Thursday February 11th 2016!

What it's all about?

TRADEIT has been engaged in an EU wide consultation with SME Food Producers since 2013, to identify the innovation opportunities, needs and barriers of traditional family based enterprises.

Following a series of workshops and surveys of SMEs conducted through the TRADEIT Hubs a series of innovation barriers emerged.

In addition, a significant number of food science and technology needs emerged. Each of these needs point to a number of specific research requirements. 

Following this open consultation, the SRIA document will be further expanded and the issues will be submitted as a series of Horizon 2020 style research challenges.

Why Do We Need Your Feedback?

It is clear from the research so far that the needs of these small to micro-SMEs differ greatly from the larger food industry and require specific innovation supports and actions. We need you to review the findings in the SRIA and let us know if we got it right.

Contact Details

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